Beer Like Jelly Again

Yummy Bakes | 1:22 PM | 2 Comments so far
Yeah ... I got the foam this round. 

Apple Juice Jelly Like Beer

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This is a super easy to make jelly with only two ingredients.  Unfortunately, my foam deflates to quickly.

Trekking At Pulau Ubin

When was the last time I stepped on Pulau Ubin?  It was a hard to come by opportunity to visit the place again with someone familiar to lead the trek.  Weather had been kind to us on 1 November though we received call to say that it was raining cats and dogs on the main island.  The weather was so nice that it made the trek quite a comfortable without us realising that we have walked almost 10km ....

It was a good experience and time to truly unwind and be away from the hustle and bustle of city noises....

Rainbow Cheesecake

Yummy Bakes | 1:46 PM | 4 Comments so far
This is supposed to be a rainbow cheesecake but wasnt too confident and in order not to make a mess I decided to play with three colors.