Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream

Yummy Bakes | 10:09 AM | 4 Comments so far
I never know ice cream can be made without an ice cream machine!! And its so easy .... 

Whenever I saw some bloggers posting ice cream - I can only envy and wish I could try my hands on or just drool at the delicious photos of the ice cream, and I didnt bother to read up the recipe because all along I have the impression that I need to have an ice cream machine in order to make ice cream.

One fine day my niece who was waiting for her Poly term to start say she wants to make ice cream - I was like "huh? how to without an ice cream machine?"  She borrowed a book on ice cream making from the library and no machines or whatsoever was mentioned.  I was wondering "sure or not" so I started browsing at Anncoo Journal's ice cream menu and saw this easy to make ice cream that needs no machine.  Lesson learnt - dont be lazy to read up the recipes - one could be missing a lot of goodies....


Nutella Cheesecake (Non-Bake)

Yummy Bakes | 1:25 PM | 5 Comments so far

When I first saw this cheesecake I was “Wow .. surely this must be a yummilicious cake!! But upon reading the recipe I was “wah … I whole jug of Nutella, isn’t it too sweet?” as I personally feel that Nutella is tad too sweet for me but Mich told me just nice.  I was still doubtful after all one man’s position is another man’s meat.  So I just shelved it until I saw another blogger (can’t remember who) trying this cake so I read the recipe again … Oooo so its 500gm of cream cheese so shouldn't be that sweet …...

As what Mich has describe: "The taste is absolutely divine - a smooth, nutty and chocolate-y".  This is one cake I would again as it is so easy and fuss-free. 



Yummy Bakes | 1:29 PM | 10 Comments so far
Another cheesecake - non-bake Bailey's cheesecake!  A friend gave me a bottle of Baileys and can't wait to try this cheesecake.  Its so smooth and good that I made two in a afternoon.  This was given away as a gift and the second one deposited in our tummies ...... no time to take photos of the cross-sections! :(